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JUPYTER is a non-profit, open-source project, which evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages.
Website: www.jupyter.org

Software is open-source under MIT License.
You pay for hosting, support, and services.

Duration: 2 days.
Capacity: Small.
Serves: Individuals and Tutors.

Country Of Origin: Digital Service from India.
Cancellation Policy: No Cancellation.
Refund Policy: No Refund.
Return Policy: No Return.
Privacy Policy: View Privacy Policy.

Get a fully managed instance for 2 days.
Teach Python, Julia, and R online easily.
Ideal for individuals and tutors.

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JupyterLab is a web-based interactive development environment for Jupyter notebooks, code, and data. JupyterLab is flexible: configure and arrange the user interface to support a wide range of workflows in data science, scientific computing, and machine learning. JupyterLab is extensible and modular: write plugins that add new components and integrate with existing ones.

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Individuals and Tutors

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Support & Service

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Country of Origin

Digital Service from India

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Cloud Technologies for EdTech Applications

Delivery Mechanism

Online, Digital Services


MIT License


Please email to support@vidcentum.com

Technical Support

Please email to support@vidcentum.com

Cancellation Policy

No Cancellation

Refund Policy

No Refund

Return Policy

No Return

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